Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | May 3, 2016

Perfection Doesn’t Matter…

perfection doesnt matter


Perfection Doesn’t Matter


Perfection really doesn’t matter, it really doesn’t.

We get caught up in the whole concept of perfection. In fact most times attempting to be perfect freezes us into doing nothing.

The big thing is to get things done. Getting things done is far better than being perfect.

Of course we do have to have standards.But being perfect should not be part of the standard.

Do your best always, be your best always, but don’t allow perfection to stop you.

The concept of perfection is a myth anyway.

I have been trapped by perfection many times. Many things that I should have done and didn’t were because “It” wasn’t perfect.

Our desire to be perfect closes the door on good stuff. Stuff that doesn’t have to be perfect to be “perfectly” acceptable.

Humans are not and will never be perfect. We have machines that can produce near perfection. But it’s the smudge, dent, typo, smear, hiccup that tells us that it is human made and human processed.

God gave us each unique fingerprints. These fingerprints were meant to be left on things to show our unique humanness. Leaving fingerprints is messy and far from perfect.Leaving fingerprints tell us who made, built, and created.

We go to public performances to hear humans sing, recite, dance and present themselves. If we wanted perfection we would not desire the human contact that a public performance provides.

If we wanted perfection we would stay home and listen on our devices to recordings that were manufactured under perfect studio conditions. In some cases the human performance is enhanced and manipulated in the studio to produce the perfect sound.

In fact when a performance is live and the performer  makes mistakes, talks, and interacts with the audience we are many times drawn closer to the performer and their humanness. We crave the personal human touch of another imperfect human.

So do your best, be your best and don’t let what you have to offer be held back simply because it is not perfect.

Perfection doesn’t matter. You matter. Do what you were meant to do. Don’t get hung up on being perfect.


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