Posted by: frankjwalker | April 26, 2016

6 Universal complaints men make…

universal complaints


Men’s universal concerns:

Here a few insights for you ladies out there. This is what is on the minds of a lot of men when it comes to understanding women.

Women are mysteries most of the time to men.

Here is a list of some things that are men’s minds.

  1. Men can’t read a women’s mind.

No matter how you want them to know what you’re thinking they can only guess.

So make it easy on your man and tell them what you are thinking.

Of course men need to work on their listening skills but that is for another blog post.

  1. Don’t save your arguments until late at night.

I understand you have had a busy day and finally, finally you are together and you have a chance. The problem is for guys is that time to finally talk is bed time. Just when us guys want to get some sleep you want to talk.

Here is an answer to this problem for you and your guy.

Talk to him at bedtime but save the big discussion until later. Don’t put it off but set a time to talk. You’re both tired anyway and things could get mean if you push the issue. Set a time and keep that appointment. Come at your talk when you are both fresh or at least better prepared.

Don’t expect your guy to be talkative when you are getting ready for bed.

  1. Show appreciation.

Men think that their wives don’t appreciate them.

Men have this huge ego thing and they desire so much to be shown appreciation.

An Atta-boy, pat on the back and a high five go a long way to rub that man ego.

  1. Guys don’t like to be the bad guy.

Guys don’t like to be the bad guy especially when it comes to parenting and disciplining.

The “bad guy” should be a shared responsibility.

That wait until dad gets home should never be the threat to get the kids to behave.

Share the discipline and work as a team. There is good cop or bad cop in a marriage relationship.

  1. There is little interest or not enough in sex.

Sexual intimacy is of utmost importance to us guys. I know, you know that.

So talk about your sex life with your husband.

Be up front about your desires and needs.

Talk and talk some more.

This is something that should have been discussed and understood before you married. But it is never too late to come to place where you will both be happy.

Your sexual relationship is a part of the give and take of your marriage.

I have written more about this in other blogs.

  1. Men feel they are not a priority.

Men like to be number one in your life.

When you married it was all about the two of you. Then jobs, household stuff and the kids and their demands get in the way of the oneness you had when you first married.

So many times men feel that they have been pushed to second, third or even farther down on the list of important stuff in your life.

Understand this, your marriage is first and must always be first. Put your man to the top of your list.


Ladies I know that this sounds like a lot of complaining from men. But you also need to understand that much of what is talked about here is entirely in your control.Guys are really not that complicated. They want to love you even more, help them do that.


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