Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | April 7, 2016

What kids need to see in their Parents…

your kids need to


Your children need to see you:

  • Disagree and come out still friends.

Your children need to see that you sometimes disagree.

They need to see that things have to be compromised.

They need to see how to argue and express themselves in a way that is not aggressive or mean.

They need see how negotiations happen and how to win, lose and come out friends.

  • Show emotions.

You are a mentor for your kids in so many things.

Showing them how to react and express emotions are so important.

  • Kiss, hug, love.

The kids need to see you loving on each other.

Kiss, hug and show your kids what true adult is. There are too many influences out there and your kids need to know what real love is right in their own homes.

Love your spouse and show your love to your kiddos.

  • Workout

Kids need to see you sweat.

Kid’s need to know how to exercise and to get out there and move around. You need to be off of the couch and moving. You need to show your kids the importance of exercise and activity.
  • Deal with money

The kids in your life need to learn how to deal with money.

Spending, saving, paying, buying all need to be taught.

The best way for your kids to learn is to see how you deal with money. Including what it takes to get the money in the first place. Working and saving are keys in all of this.

  • Your faith.

Your kids need to know your deeper values and philosophy of life. Share your faith and beliefs with your kids.

Don’t talk, it live it.

  • Volunteer

Life is not all about you.

Parents need to show how to give and share.

Volunteering and giving back to the community is an important thing to teach your kids. Get involved with your kids in volunteer activities.

  • Be inventive.

Kids need to see adults be flexible and resourceful.

There are so many ways to show your kids how to be creative and imaginative.

Fixing things, telling stories, doing crafts and sharing dreams are all things that you can do to encourage inventiveness and creativity in your kids.

  • Like yourself.

Children need to see that you are happy in your own skin. If you are not happy they need to see that you can do the things to change and achieve happiness.

Kids today are in a world that is negative.

They need to be nurtured in a positive environment.

You have the responsibility to produce positive engaged children.

You have to like yourself first.

  • Be a learner.

Life is all about learning. In school, on the street in the community. Your children need to see you learning, studying and growing intellectually.

This is not all about school knowledge. Learning doesn’t stop.

Show your kids how to learn by continued learning in your own lives.




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