Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | March 23, 2016

Owning Less…



I am on the less is more bandwagon.

My wife and I sold our 3+ bedroom home and moved into a tiny 720 square foot place.

We are living the minimalist lifestyle and so far loving it.

Of course it doesn’t hurt that we live on California’s beautiful central coast.

We got rid of a lot of stuff and are still in the process of downsizing.

There was so much stuff that we really didn’t need. But because we had the space, we stored the stuff and held on to stuff.

As we planned our move we threw away, gave away and thrift shopped away years of accumulated silliness. Stuff that was broken, outdated, and we were “going to use” someday.

We have to think clearly, now that we don’t have the luxury or desire for more space to store stuff. Do we really need it or can we do without?

People looked at us as if we were crazy when we moved into out tiny space. They still do and often ask when we will get a bigger place.

Maybe we are crazy.

But with less space we have more time, freedom and haveĀ less headaches, anxiety and stress.

The transition was not easy, but well worth it.

We own less and have to organize, maintain and clean less.

Having less can mean more happiness.


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  1. If you were handed 3 million I think you’d get a bigger place! Or maybe even $500,000?

    • Really? Not so sure.

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