Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | March 22, 2016

Stop Digging

stop digging


If you’re in a hole, stop digging.


The answer to a lot of problems is to just stop. We keep at it. We keep thinking about it. We just won’t let it go.

So we dig deeper and deeper. We dig until; sometimes we can’t find our way back out of the hole we’ve dug ourselves into.

So what’s the answer to this hole we get ourselves into?

  1. Be proactive and solve the problems you can.

That means facing up to your part of the problem too. It might mean saying you’re sorry. It might mean forgiving somebody. The thing is you need to take a little control.

  1. Walk away.

There are some problems that aren’t yours in the first place. There are things that are too big for you to deal with. You need to count the cost. The cost might just be to get out of Dodge.

***If there is violence, abuse or bodily injury involved run away. Protect yourself and your loved ones.

  1. You might need some help.

Get in touch with somebody that can help. A pastor, priest or maybe even a professional counselor might be a way to a solution.

You might not be able to handle this on your own and you might need sound advice from someone on the outside.

  1. Step back and give it some time.

Instead of digging and digging stop and take a breath. Give it a rest. Time does heal some things. Go for a walk, change your scenery and sleep on it.

Don’t forget it though, just let it sit for a bit.

Time can give you a new perspective.

  1. Take care of yourself.

  • Get good nights sleep.
  • Eat a healthy meal.
  • Get outside and move a little.


When we get stuck we have a tendency to mope, and isolate ourselves.

We end up eating a whole box of cookies and watch bad TV programs.

All that will do is add to the problem.

  1. Talk to somebody.

Don’t keep this to yourself.

Tell a friend.

Don’t talk to anyone who will dig you deeper into your hole.

But talk to a friend or relative that is on your side.


The point of all of this is many times we are our own worst enemy. We dig thing up that should stay buried and we don’t let things go.

Stop the digging. Get out of the hole and move on.


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