Posted by: frankjwalker | March 16, 2016

Look at them! Planting wind seeds…

wind seeds


Look at them! Planting wind-seeds, they will harvest tornadoes.

The Message

Hosea 8:4-10


So many times we are our own worst enemy.

We wonder why bad things are happening to us when we really are the reasons for the bad.

We make choices that we really know will not do us any good in the long run.

We know it but still do it.

Another bowl of ice cream, another beer, just one more hour on the computer etc., etc., etc.

We say things we know we shouldn’t and wonder why we have problems with people.

So what are the answers to being our own worst enemy?

  1. Like grandma said, “Count to 10”. Counting to 100 helps too.

  2. Walk away. Far away if you have to.

  3. Bite your tongue. It works, but it hurts.

  4. Have a plan. Know where you are going have a plan to get there. Follow the plan.

  5. Get outside. Get some air.

  6. Do something else. Change directions.

  7. Just stop it. It can be that easy.

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