Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | February 27, 2016

A Good Parent …




A Good Parent…

Is willing to ask for help.

Notice I didn’t say “cry” for help. I mean ask for help and ask when you need it.

Parents too often try to do this parenting thing on their own and don’t expect or ask for advice.

There is a world of help out there and there are people willing to help you through the tough times.

Parenting goes through a lot of tough times.

There are people other parents who have dealt with whatever you’re facing and many of them have survived.

Ask them model your parenting skills after them, but ask them for advice and help.

Look to your family, your friends, your pastor, your kids teachers and when necessary a doctor, pediatrician and therapists that work with children.

Don’t try to go it alone.

It truly does take a village to raise a child and there are people out there willing to help and encourage you along the way.

You are not a terrible parent if you ask for help. You are better parent if you do ask for help.

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