Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | February 15, 2016

Healthy Benefits of Married Sex…

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The Healthy Benefits of Marital Sex


  1. Sex reduces stress.

Sexual touch and intimacy reduces tension in your mind and body. The very act of touching, kissing, hugging has been shown to reduce tensions and stress. So touch more, kiss more and share intimacy more.

Sex also has been shown to reduce your blood pressure. An active sex life promotes long term heart health.

  1. Sex boosts resistance to illness.

The feel good hormones that sex increases in your body go a long way to reduce infection and stave off illness.

Sex has a long term affect in preventing future health problems by increasing hormones that fight infection.

  1. Sex is a calorie burner.

You can burn 85 calories for every half hour of active sexual intimacy. If you have a sexual workout 42 times you will burn 3,570 calories or one pound.

So sex is a good excuse for a weight loss program. Tell that to your friends and family.

***Please understand sex is not an excuse for the lack of a good exercise program. In fact an active exercise regime can have a positive effect on your sex life.

  1. Sex helps with self esteem.

A positive sexual life can improve and increase your self esteem. Loving someone and being loved provides the ultimate defense against negativity.

The world provides so many negative attacks on our self image.

Loving and being loved counteracts that negativity.


  1. Sex increases the feel good hormone.

Sex provides a deeper intimacy which in turn raises ocytocin levels. Ocytocin is the feel good hormone released by the brain during times of pleasure.

Sex intimacy provides one of the highest forms of pleasure for us humans.

More sex means more feel good hormones.


  1. Sex reduces pain.

Sexual intimacy reduces aches and pains. First, through the intimate physical touch that lovemaking provides.

Secondly intimacy increases the same feel good hormones mentioned above.

Those feel good hormones help reduce aches.


  1. Reduce prostate problems.

More sex reduces the chance of prostate cancer for guys.


  1. Sex strengthens pelvic muscles for men and women.

Strong pelvic muscles used by both partners in sexual intercourse helps prevent possible future incontinence issues as you age.


  1. Sex helps to enhance sleep.

A good sex life promotes a good night’s sleep. So, more sex equals a better night’s sleep.


***I stress the benefits of “marital” sex because I truly believe that the real benefits of sexual intimacy can only come through a committed marital union.

Sex can only become better with the long term commitment that marriage provides.

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