Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | February 5, 2016

Easy Ways to Decrease Stress…

decrease stress


Easy ways to decrease stress:

Here are some fun ways to decrease stress in your life and the lives of others. Give one or all of them a try.

  1. Have a pet.

Yes, those furry, feathered and scaly varmints can bring contentment and joy to your life. Just the simple act of petting your cat can calm your nerves and release feel good endorphins.

Yes, I know that diet is a four letter, cuss word. I’m not talking about losing weight here, though that could help. I’m talking about just eating in a healthy way. Good nutritious foods go a long way in inducing good feelings.

  1. Foods that boost your mood.

Yes, there are foods that help regulate your mood. They can psychological in the way they bring back feel good memories.

There are studies that suggest that Carbs help in mood regulation. However don’t overdo the Carbs because too many can cause a drop in overall mood in the long run. So have that piece of candy and feel good.

  1. Less caffeine.

Coffee can rev you up and get you going. However, too much caffeine can have you crashing down.

  1. Treat pain.

This sounds logical. But how often do we put off getting our aches and pains taken care of. See your doctor and treat the pain you have with healthy eating, exercise and meditation.

6. Others.

Having friends and companions can go a long way in reducing your stress. The key is good friendships and stable relationships. Your crazy brother-in-law might not help.

7. Sunshine

Get outside and get some sunrays. Sunshine helps increase melatonin in your brain. That helps with sleep. It is recommended that you get 20 minutes of sunshine every day. Get some sun, fresh air and a little exercise to increase your good mood.

8. Sleep.

Lack of sleep can be a vicious circle; Lack of sleep can cause depression, which causes anxiety in trying to sleep and on and on.

Get into a sleep routine. Don’t stay up late and try to make up for it on weekends.

Sunshine and exercise can help get you a better sleep. Stay away from caffeine before bedtime and turn off the devices as a way to prepare for sleep.

  1. Be creative.

Do something creative. Creativity increases the feel good parts of your brain. Not creative? Just rearranging the furniture can make you feel creative. Everyone is creative in some way. Find your creative place to shine and feel better.

10. Reduce stress.

Stress is the opposite of relaxation. Find ways to relax your mind and body. Get away from your stress. Read or listen to calming music. Take a few minutes each day for yourself and just say, Ahh.

  1. Get involved.

People that are involved with others are less likely to be depressed. Join a group of some kind and hang around people. Groups that are civic minded and help the community can have a two-fold effect on your mood. First being with others in a shared activity and second doing good for others increases feelings of wellbeing.

  1. Have friends.

Friends can be one of the best ways out of stress. Nurture good friendships.

13. Family

Family can help and hurt your stress level. Stay in touch with your family but know when to step away from familial entanglements.

In the best situations family can be a life saver.

  1. Avoid alcohol.

A glass of wine now and then can actually be healthy. But using alcohol to solve problems only increases negative feelings and doesn’t help. Alcohol cannot medicate your mood.

  1. Get professional help.

If you are overwhelmed with stress go see someone who can help. A pastor, priest or counselor can really help.


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