Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | February 4, 2016

Only in Darkness…



…The stars.

Things look pretty bleak right now.

Do you want me to make a list?

But when has it been any different.

It seems every generation thinks that the world is ending.

Every generation thinks that things are the worst.

Maybe things are really bad? So what.

What are you going to do about?

We have enough pessimists. There isn’t any room for more naysayers.

You can make things better for yourself, your family and your part of the world. You really can.

It’s all about the decisions you make and the stand you take.

This is the time you are living in. There isn’t any other time.

You have the choice and the power in your own hands to make things better and brighter.

Look at the stars in the sky.

How bright they are despite the darkness.


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