Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | January 31, 2016

8 Blocks to Being Your Best

8 blocks


8 Things that get in the way of you being your best


They are out there the pessimists.

Those people may even think they are doing you a favor. They put down your ideas and plans. They provide you with all the negative reasons you should do what you are passionate about.

We live in a negative world. It is so easy for people to sit back at nay say anything that might be different and new.

Surround yourself with positive people. If you can’t find them in your family or neighborhood use the internet to find a group of like minded individual. There are groups out there that can provide the positive encouragement you need to grow.


Getting things done is more important than getting it. Perfection can kill your dreams. Do your best and let that be your goal.

Hey for that matter there are very few things that are perfect anyway.


Expectations are good things to have. But if what you expect to happen is written in concrete you are in trouble. You have to have flexible expectations. You can’t control the weather. You can’t control so many things. You can control your attitude though.

Expect that there is going to be some kind of bump in the road and just go with it. It may rain on your picnic but you can still enjoy yourself under an umbrella.

Expect the unexpected and you will be far better off. Those little quirks in your plans sometimes are the most memorable moments. On my wedding day our cake fell over and quickly had to be replaced. That story has become part of our wedding history.


We live in a time when everyone wants it now or as close to now as possible. Technology is a blessing but has increased our impatience.

Patience as they say is a virtue. Practice this virtue. People are going to let you down. Things are going to take longer than planned.

Getting upset and throwing a fit will only hurt you.

Take advantage of long lines, traffic jams and slow internet services to pray, plan, meditate or a time to sing to the radio.

Practice patience.


You are unique. You are you and not anybody else. As soon as you start comparing your life to anyone else’s you lose.

See your life through your eyes not anyone else’s.

Your life cannot compare to anyone. Why? Because you are the only you and nothing can compare to you.


Things are going to go wrong. People are going to let you down and life is going to have its share of problems.

Life is not about the times you fall down. Life is about the times you get back up again.

You’re going fall, fail and make mistakes.

Apologize, make amends and move forward.


Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. We doubt, second guess and talk ourselves out of hopes and dreams.

Make a realistic assessment of your plans and move from there. Have a faithful mentor, confidant or friend help you make decisions and move on from there.

Over come your worst enemy, self doubt.


All of the things I have listed above are challenges. There are others also. Understand that there are and will be challenges you must overcome.

There is the challenge of learning something new and becoming competent. There is the challenge of becoming disciplined in whatever you pursue.

Just the process of getting up earlier, staying up later, turning off the media all are challenges.

Expect challenges for yourself and from stuff outside yourself.

Don’t allow the knowledge that challenges will come to deter you from your goals.



One thing might need is to seek advice from a neutral source. I would be willing to help you get through the roadblocks that are in your way.

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