Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | January 26, 2016

Couples in Great Marriages

great marriages


Couples in Great Marriages:


They decide things together.

Talk together. Plan together.

Be on the same page together.

In little things and big things plan together.

They support each other.

Marriage is all about the “we”.

Remember you are a team.

Yes, you have your individual unique personalities and talents. But that is what makes your marriage yours.

Support your mate. Encourage each other. When your spouse wins, the team wins and the marriage wins.

The most important “I”, in your marriage is “I love you”.

They don’t adhere to stereotypes.

I have talked about this several times.

In a marriage and a family there are no guy things or no girl things.

All jobs and responsibilities in the marriage and home are gender neutral.

They take it a step at a time.

Again understand this; marriage is a marathon not a sprint.

No marriage is perfect and getting close to anything like perfection takes time. It takes a lot of time.

You can’t fix it all at once. So don’t even try.

Take your married life one step at a time.

They understand reality.

Reality is nobody is perfect.

Reality is forgiveness works better than grudges.

Reality is two works better than one.

Reality is marriage is work and that work is worth it.

Face reality.


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  1. This has been great info past few days!

    • Thank you.
      Pass the word around.
      Every once in awhile I have good things to say.

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