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Proven Steps to Improve your Mental Health

improve your mental health



Use these tips to improve your Mental Health and outlook on life:

  1. Set goals.

The line goes like this, “If you don’t know where you’re going you’ll end up some place else”. If you don’t have a plan who knows where you will end up?

Improve your outlook by having some goals for the week and the year. You may not get there but you will have something to shoot for.

Along with a goal makes some plans to get there. Make the goal measurable. Take it step by step. Have a goal and head that way.


  1. Go outside.

Get out of bed or off of the couch and step outside. You need the fresh air and a little exercise. Take a deep breath and shake off the doldrums.

Make it a habit to get outside for at least 10 minutes each day rain or shine. Being outdoors will do you a world of good.

3. Meditate

Take a few minutes every day to calm yourself. I’m not talking about any weird meditation practices. You don’t need a guru or fly to India.

Calm your breath down. Relax yourself and just say Ahh.

Have some little bit of selfish time daily.

A nice cup of tea helps too.

4. Exercise

I know, I know you even hate the word exercise.

But I am sorry if you want to feel better about yourself you need to move and groove. You just need to do some form of exercise 3 times a week. Walk, run, dance and or skip. But get a little bit of exercise.


  1. Be generous.

Doing good can improve your overall attitude about you and the world around you. Give a bit of your finances, time and energy to some good project in neighborhood and world.

By doing good you can be a part of changing things for the better. Give it a try.


  1. Use social media wisely.

Yes social media is marvelous. If you are reading this you are using the stuff.

  1. But take a break from the gadgets. Put the stuff away and take a media vacation.

Enjoy the silence for a little while.

  1. Social media has a negative skew toward the negative, weird and crazy. You don’t need any more crazy in your life.

Put the media stuff away.

Texts, emails, blogs and Facebook updates can all wait. Designate a media time once a day and stick to it.

Media can be addicting and addictions any kind of addiction is bad for you. If you can’t stay away from checking your cell phone then maybe you are addicted?


  1. Look for meaning not happiness.

Happiness is fleeting and really overrated.

Seek out things that bring meaning to your life. Learning, understanding and seeking deeper meaning can be fulfilling and satisfying.

Travel, searching and experiences last a lot longer than the momentary pleasures of feeling good.

Reaching goals and accomplishments is far more gratifying than simple happiness.

Think beyond pleasure. Seek more than mere happiness.


  1. Worry but, don’t vent.

There is a certain amount of worry in everyone’s life. But sometimes worry can consume you and cause you to come to a standstill in your life. Read number nine for more on this matter.

Please, please keep your complaints to a minimum. The world does not need another complainer. Yes the world can treat you wrong. But yelling, screaming about it only adds to the negativity out there.

There are proper ways to deal with problems. The key to dealing with problems is to concentrate only on solving the problem. Complaining goes nowhere. Search for solutions. Turn the noise down and solve the problems you’re dealing with.


  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

You have heard it everything is small stuff.

Put your stuff in small boxes. You can pick up small boxes and deal with the stuff better in small boxes.

We have a tendency to make little things into big overwhelming things. We hold things in these giant boxes that will overwhelm. Don’t let things get bigger than you. Take everything in small doses.

It’s interesting that when we are in the midst of the storm we feel overpowered. But when it’s all over we realize that we survived and it wasn’t really all that bad.



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  1. This is exactly what we’ve been studying in James MacDonald’s “Lord, Change My Attitude.” We are focusing on mental health this week.

    • Please share my blog with your group.

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