Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | January 12, 2016

Marriage Advice

marriage advice


Marriage Advice:

Make sex a priority.

This sounds strange but sexual intimacy needs to be on the top of your list as a married couple. It is assumed that sex is a priority.

It’s strange because when you were first married I assume you couldn’t keep your hands off of each other.

But as time goes on jobs, responsibilities, kids and stuff happens.  Lovemaking becomes a distant memory.

Make time for “skin therapy”.

The kids nap time can be love time. Quickies can be life savers. Plan weekends or nights away.

Have lots of sex.

Make love a priority.

Fight fair.

Fight about the topic.

Don’t bring up past fights or issues.

If you have to walk away set a time to resume talking.

Talk it out when it’s hot.

Don’t let it get too hot.

Don’t put things off and forget the issues.

Deal with it fairly.

Never go to bed angry.

This is a biblical principle. But I am not sure I agree completely. Yes deal with the problem and get to a solution quickly.

However, if you stay up too late you’re bound to go a little loopy and not get anywhere. In fact if you aren’t thinking straight late at night you might say or do things that will make things worse.

Maybe never go to bed angry means you should get things settled quickly before you need sleep.


Agree on money.

Money can be a root of evil in your marriage. Be transparent in all your money needs and wants.

Keep to a budget and have a plan. Make long term and short term plans for you and your finances.

Agree on everything.


Start a family when both agree.

I hope you both are on the same page even before you married about your future and family plans.

The decision to have a family is too big a thing for just one of you to make.


Never leave without a kiss.

Never come home without giving your mate a kiss. Kiss, hug and hold hands often and always. Keep in touch physically.

A nice back rub works great too.

Kissing leads to more stuff so read number one again and kiss more.


Sleep in the same bed.

Sleeping in the same bed should be a priority.

Unless you’re sick, can’t sleep or have different work schedules then you may have reason to sleep apart. Snoring might be another excuse. But get the medical help you need to solve this problem.

How are you going to maintain intimacy without sleeping together?


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