Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | January 5, 2016

Done is Better…



Done is better than perfect.

We all get hung up on perfection.

Let’s be honest nothing and nobody is perfect.

Yet we strive for the perfect. In fact perfection, getting it just right can be one of the biggest blocks to getting things done.

The dictionary tells us that perfection is anything without flaws.

But there are so few things without flaws.

A perfect flawless diamond can be ruined worn on the hand of a not so perfect human being.

Most of the time it’s our flaws that make us interesting. It’s are imperfections that make us who we are.

Perfection can hold you back and hold you down.

If we embrace our imperfections we can go so much farther and give so much more to the world.

Get it done.

Get it over with.

Embrace your wrinkles, blemishes and in your imperfections be whole and complete.

We can always strive to be better and to do better. But better isn’t perfect.

Perfection is really a myth anyway and rarely attainable.

Don’t let striving for perfection block you getting done what only you can do.

In fact in all your imperfections you are the only perfect you.


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