Posted by: frankjwalker | January 2, 2016

Suggestions for Easy Resolutions…



My ideas for simple easy New Years Resolutions

Here are some simple resolutions that I recommend. Most are easy to make and keep. Try a few.

  • Sleep more.

Get 8 good hours of sleep, start a sleep ritual,  go to bed earlier each night, really.

  • Drink 8 glasses of water,

Two glasses before a meal will help reduce appetite, that’s just 64 ounces

  • Breath,

3 count in, 3 count out, deep breath. This will help to calm you and relax your hectic life. Do it throughout the day.

  • 20 minutes in the sun.

The sun increases the body’s production of vitamin D, which is part of the feel good serotonin level. The sun also increases melatonin so you sleep better.

  • Sit up straight.

Work on your posture. In fact don’t sit so long. Get up and walk around a bit every 15 minutes or so.

  • Nap

Take a short nap every day. Naps increase creativity.

  • Read,

Stretch your mind, with books.

  • Learn something

Eat a good breakfast; get fuel in your tank each morning.

  • Don’t diet just don’t eat so much.

That is what a diet really is. Use portion control.

  • Take a 15 minute walk every day.

Get out in the fresh air every day.

  • Tame your temper.

Lose your cool lose a bit of your life. Eliminate little irritations; it helps when the big ones come along. Watch out for the short fuse syndrome.

  • Make your lunch,

Make your own healthy lunch. This will keep you away from the fast food grind and help with the weight. Include a healthy mid-day snack too.

  • Lower the volume.

Loud noises increase heart disease. Loud noise raises the level of adrenaline in your system. Relax with some quiet time.

  • Get up 15 minutes earlier each day.

Don’t rush into the day.

  • Read from God’s word daily.

(Here’s a plug for my book A Word from the Word)

  • Pray more.

Stay in touch with the guy upstairs.

  • Play more.

You have been too serious, so relax a bit this year.

  • Write a note to a loved one once a week.

Don’t text or Facebook, write.

  • Go on dates with your spouse,

Plan a weekly date with your spouse, and try to plan some monthly get a ways too. Invest in your marriage by getting away with your lover.



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