Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | December 29, 2015

Where Treasures Lie…



Where the treasure lies…

We like to be safe.

We like to bet on the sure thing.

We like it when the odds are in our favor.

Like to stay out of the spot light.

We like to avoid stress.

We like to avoid hard things.

We like our cake and to eat it too.

But is that what life is all about?

Never going into the water for fear of sharks. Never dancing in the rain for fear of lightning. Never wanting to feel too hot or too cold. Never speaking up for fear of ridicule. Never taking the first step for fear of falling.

I went to a high school dance once with the full intention of asking a girl to dance with me. i polished my shoes, took a shower and put on some of my dad’s cologne.

I went to the dance and I waited. I waited for the right song, the right ambiance and the moment.

I waited and waited and waited for the perfect time to ask the girl to dance and then the dance ended. It was over and so was my chance to dance.

I never asked the girl for the dance.

Part of all this was my fear of rejection. What if she says no?

I later found out that the girl was waiting to be asked and would have danced with me.

I was afraid to take the leap, to be a little reckless, to enter the unknown and ask for a dance.

All treasure lies in the unknown, unsafe and scary places.

We need to live our lives a little more scared and take more leaps into the unknown.

We need to look for and find more treasure.


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