Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | December 26, 2015

Simple New Year’s Resolutions

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Simple New Year’s Resolutions that you can Keep


It’s that time of year again the time to make those New Year’s resolutions. Don’t get me wrong, as a therapist I am all about change and resolutions are a way of monitoring change. But it seems that many people are not even considering a New Year’s resolution at all. “Why make them when you can’t or won’t keep them?” they say.

Let me offer three simple New Year’s Resolutions that you can achieve and maintain in 2015. I can already see that you are skeptical. But give these a try.

So here they are. Drink more water, sleep more and breathe better. They sound easy don’t they?

They really are.


  1. Drink more water.


I know talking about drinking more water with a draught going on is maybe counterproductive. Some of the wineries are even talking about saving water by drinking more wine.

But understand this we all need to drink more water. The experts recommend at least eight glasses of water a day.

Most of us are more than a little dehydrated and you need more water to keep your body functioning properly. So give it a try and drink those 8 glasses of water. Filtered, bottled or right from the tap whatever you think is right for you, but drink more water.

No, you can’t count all liquids you drink as part of the water total and especially not caffeinated drinks. All that coffee and those caffeinated sodas actually rob you of water by acting as a diuretic. You lose water when you drink caffeine beverages.

Why drink that much water? The water helps with blood circulation, digestion and can even help keep off excess weight. If you drink a glass of water before a meal it helps to fill you up and stems hunger.

So drink more water.


  1. Sleep More.


This one should be easy but you would be surprised how sleep deprived we really are. Most people aren’t getting the eight hours of sleep they really need.

Set up a sleep pattern for yourself and stick to it. That might mean turning off the box and going to bed earlier. The TV isn’t that great that you have to lose sleep. Set your DVR and watch it later. You can fast forward that way too.

Calm yourself before you go to bed, turn down lights, and ease into your sleep.

You need your sleep to recharge your body and meet the busy day ahead. You really can’t make up for lost sleep on the weekends.


  1. Breathe.


Breathe better. We tend to do shallow breathing. Most of us are hunched over and take panting breathes that do not expand our lungs to full capacity.

Take a few seconds every hour or so and stretch and take a big deep belly breath.

Deep breathing clears your head, helps with relaxation and renews energy.

Try it right now breathe fully through your nose, count to three and exhale through your mouth counting slowly to three.

Feels great, right?

Drink, sleep and breathe.

Give these three easy resolutions a try in 2015.


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