Posted by: frankjwalker | December 21, 2015

The Christmas Story 21


Christmas story


Matthew 2:16 

slew all the male children.

This event and had a huge traumatic effect on the people of Bethlehem.

The Roman armies, under Herod’s orders, mercilessly slaughter the town’s children.

We don’t know how many died at the soldier’s hands, one or one thousand, the effect was the same. The people were without hope at the hands of a tyrant.

Today we call it PTSD, Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome. The parents, siblings, the whole town, would have been affected by this trauma.

What of Mary and Joseph and the boy Jesus growing up?

Jesus must have grown up knowing that He was the lone survivor of this Bethlehem tragedy.

Knowing God’s call and seeing tyrannical forces you were up against.

How did this strengthen the resolve of Jesus and His parents?

How did this mold the man that became the Savior of the world?



Excerpt from the book:

A Word from the Word

A commentary on the Gospel of Matthew

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