Posted by: frankjwalker | December 15, 2015

The Christmas Story 15


Christmas story


Matthew 2:9


This star was the Messiah’s star.

It was totally unique, a one of a kind star.

Was it a comet, an asteroid, a lining up of Venus and Mars? Who cares?

This star appeared to the magi to lead them to the new king, Jesus.

We somehow want to prove all things of God using man’s terms, math, science, logic.

Can man really explain the parting of the Red Sea, the multiplying of the fishes and loaves, the curing of the sick, and the raising of the dead?

We are talking God stuff here, miracle stuff.

This star, the miracle star appeared and reappeared to bring the wise men to worship the new born King. We serve a God of miracles.

He will move the heavens for those he loves.


Excerpt from the book:

A Word from the Word

A commentary on the Gospel of Matthew

Frank Walker


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