Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | December 10, 2015

Therapy Myths

myths about therapy


Myths about therapy:

  1. Only crazy people go to therapy.

Understand this usually crazy people don’t think they are crazy. Crazy people don’t usually seek out a therapist.

People that understand they need the help of a therapist are the best people to receive counseling.

  1. Only couples breaking up go therapy.

If I had my druthers I would have all couples come for therapy periodically. We take our cars in for tune ups. Why not tune ups for our marriages?

We need to invest time and money in keep our marriages on track.

Yes, couples that are breaking up try therapy as a last ditch deal.

Usually the couple has made the mental decision to end the marriage and just want to be assured by the therapist.

  1. Once you start therapy for life.

Most therapy is issue centered and short term. 12 to 15 sessions is about the average.

The therapist is there for you as long as you need therapy.

You are in charge of the length of therapy.

  1. Therapy makes relationships worse.

Therapy can be hard work. In talking through issues in therapy sometimes hard stuff comes up.

Things might get worse before they get better.

  1. Therapists side with the victim.

Therapists remain neutral in working with couples. If the “victim” is dealing with abuse, violence or suicide thoughts then yes, the therapist sides with the victim.

  1. I should do it alone.

If you could do it alone you would. Then therapy wouldn’t even be an issue.

  1. Medications are better than therapy.

Read the label on the medication. It says that medications are only effective in combination with talk therapy.

Do you really want to rely on a drug for your happiness?

  1. The therapist will make me feel ashamed/blamed.

Feeling ashamed and blamed comes from somewhere other than the therapist.

Sometimes we have to face up to our responsibilities and part in the issues at hand.

  1. The therapist is a paid best friend.

The therapist is there to provide therapy. If it’s a friend you want get a Facebook account or a pet.

Therapists are friendly, empathetic and sometimes the only place you can share your thoughts in confidence.

Therapists should never be a friend.

In fact it’s unethical and maybe even illegal to form a friendship with your therapist.

  1. Digging up the past in therapy won’t be helpful.

The therapist will dig where he thinks the therapy goals will be met.

If digging up the past helps then there is where the digging might be helpful.

The past might be a good place in dealing with the present.

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