Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | December 9, 2015

Holy in the Holidays

Holy in Holidays


Simple Holidays

The Holiday bandwagon is already upon us. If you have done any shopping you know that Christmas is here in the minds of merchants.

So before you are steamrolled by all the hype, stop.

Tell your children right now that Santa has been given furlough days and things are going to be pretty lean at the North Pole this year.

Don’t go into debt for the birth of Jesus this year.

Even if you were planning to give frankincense, myrrh and gold as gifts to the kids this year, be a wise man.

There is much more to the “season of giving” than the stuff TV is tempting us with.

Cut back, give fewer things.

What happened to the gifts you gave last year, anyway? Does your family even remember last years in demand presents?

Plan time together and develop traditions that go beyond giving family members stuff.

God gave us the greatest gift of all, our lives and He topped that off with the gift of His son Jesus.

That is real family time with God as we are counted as his children.

That should be the goal this Holiday season, family time. Give the gift of your time. Make memories that will last forever, and go far beyond the video game or clothes that go out of style and break.

So plan now to simplify the Holidays.

Warn you family in advance that there will be fewer gifts under the tree. Tell them why and don’t give in to the hype or whining. Plan to fill the days ahead with good cheer.

The family time you spend together can be unwrapped over and over again in the form of fond memories for years to come.


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