Posted by: frankjwalker | December 4, 2015

Nine Steps to Be Happier

Be happier


Nine Steps to a Happier You:

  1. Be a little bit selfish.

You can be a little bit selfish. You give energy and time to everyone else. But when and where do you get to fill your tank and recharge your batteries. Take a little “me time” for yourself. It is not selfish. In fact taking time for yourself will improve things for everyone around you.

  1. Have friends.

You have to have people around you that will back you up, listen to you and just be there for you.

Make friends, keep friends and nurture friendships.

  1. Make a plan.

If you don’t know where you are going you will probably get there. That is you will end up nowhere.

Make a plan, have a plan and follow the plan. Plan for your life, your career and ultimately your eternity. The plan can be flexible but have a plan. You need to know how to get from A to B. Don’t let fate and circumstances rule your life.

  1. Slow down

This one is tough, slowing down in this hectic world is hard to do, but try to relax.

Somewhere in your day to day hustle and bustle, find a time to relax. Make a cup of coffee or tea and settle down for just a minute or two. Take a deep breath and relax your mind and body. You have got to stop for just a while every day. If you can get away for a day or a weekend do it. You need time to relax and slow down.

  1. Say no.

We all get roped into things we don’t want to do. We end up regretting, feeling guilty and just not doing the best we are capable of. If you say no more often, then you could concentrate on the things in life that are really important to you and in the end make you happy.

*** Understand this too. Helping someone out and going the extra mile can be rewarding and bring happiness.  You need to have balance and understand yourself and your limits.

  1. Try something new.

Doing something new and different can recharge your batteries and make you happy. A new recipe, new music, a different way home can change the day from dull and boring to exciting and interesting. Try doing something new and see the results it can have in your life.

  1. Put the gadgets away.

The phones, tablets, computers and TVs are great tools. But they are “tools” and should never rule your life.

Take a vacation from the devices for an hour, a day or even a weekend. What was life like when we didn’t have all these things to control our lives?

Take some time away from the devices to get a better perspective on life.

  1. Get out in nature.

Take time every day to get outside. Let the sun, the wind and nature fill up your empty tank.

Just a quick walk around the block will go a long way in making you a little bit happier.

Being in nature can heal you emotionally. Take advantage of what nature has to offer you.

Get outside every day.

  1. Understand what you are good at.

Know your strengths and weaknesses and go with what your good at. This might take some time for self evaluation. But knowing your abilities will go a long way in planning, making decisions that are a benefit to you and making choices to bring happiness. Talk to your family and friends about your abilities and strengths. Look at your past history and see where you shined.

Follow your dreams but base your dreams on what you know you can do and accomplish…

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