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The Benefits of Therapy

The benifits of therapy



3 Main Benefits of Therapy

In my view, the three main benefits of psychoanalysis are:

  1. To feel better.

The desire to feel better is often what motivates people to go see a therapist in the first place, or even to pick up and read a blog on Psychology Today. Patients want relief from distress. They long for their depression to be lifted, their anxiety to be quelled, or their grief to pass. I would say that feeling better is a main goal of every type of psychotherapy, including psychoanalysis. For some patients, it is a great outcome and it is enough.

  1. To do better.

But other patients want more. Some want to develop the skills and capacity to do better in their lives over the long-term. They want to cope better and function better. They want to do better at work, in their relationships, and in their care for themselves. They want more than relief from their greatest anxieties; they want a better foundation for living. This kind of goal is better suited to longer, more in-depth treatments including psychoanalysis.

  1. To be better.

For some patients, as life becomes more and more stable as the result of a psychotherapy treatment that is working well, a glimpse of something even greater emerges. Not only a life that works, wonderful as that is; but a life that is deeper, more satisfying, and more meaningful. If a patient wishes to go further than feeling better and doing better, a good analysis can help her go there—to develop a psychological life in which the changes she makes are not only on the outside but also on the inside.


The goal of being better is essentially an inner transformation which, I think, is one of the main reasons why treatment outcomes of psychodynamic therapies like psychoanalysis are more lasting and why improvement continues even beyond the treatment itself. Such deep work is not necessary for or desired by everyone.

It requires enormous investment of time, money, and energy. But for those who choose this less-traveled road, it often yields benefits that cannot be adequately measured in the research lab but instead can be appreciated profoundly through their own experience. Such patients don’t need the benefits to be proven to them. They know the benefits to be true out of their own experience. And that is enough.

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