Posted by: frankjwalker | November 25, 2015

Speak In Boldness, Acts 4:31

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Day 22

Acts 4:31

… And began to speak the word of God with boldness.


Christians are thought of as being weak kneed pacifists who are always turning the other cheek. That is far from the truth.

We must always be at the ready to defend our faith and stand our ground.

The key to the verse and the key to walking with the Lord is that we speak God’s word with boldness. There are many times that we are faced with situations where our Christian faith must be defended and proclaimed. Too many times we back down when confronted by the world of unbelievers. Too many times we are silent when we should be speaking up. We have not been given a spirit of timidity (2 Timothy 1:7) but should be bold in our faith.

Our call from God is never to be offensive to the people of the world. However we are never to be defenseless when it comes to standing up for our Lord.

We are followers of Christ, Christians and we should be able to stand up for our beliefs. In regards to our faith we should be bold.


  1. Can you think of a situation where you need to and must stand up for your faith?
  2. Have you had to make that stand?
  3. What words would you use to defend God? How would you do it? Rehearse them now.

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