Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | November 9, 2015

Be Happy with these 8 “Happiness Facts”



Happiness Facts:

  1. Most people are happy most of the time.

Really, this is the truth.

Look at your day, your week and the last year. It really hasn’t been all that bad.

In fact if you were honest you were probably happy the majority of the time.

Happiness is all about your perception. So change your perception.

It’s a much happier world out there than you realize.

  1. A Mid-life dip is normal between 45-54 years of age.  Then guess what? Happiness goes up as you age.

When you reach your 40’s things begin to slow down. You may or may not have reached your goals. You have reached a plateau physically and emotionally. So you may experience some down time.

Know that this can happen.

So anticipate that you might have the blues just because of your age.

But look forward to getting a bit older.

Hopefully the kids will be gone, you will have an empty nest, the bills will sort of paid off and life will settled down when you are “older”.

No wonder the old folks are happy. But it’s much more than that.

With age comes wisdom, really. This wisdom helps to slow things down and count the real cost of running around doing the things that people do.

Getting older is something to look forward to.

Maybe it will make you happy to anticipate a little aging.


  1. Use senior’s example:

Most folks as they get older realize that it’s the simple pleasures in daily life are what really counts.

Hey, I know I’m in the old folk’s category but, listen up please.

Young folks (younger than me) have a tendency to search for extraordinary experiences.

It can’t just be a vacation, but has to be the best in the whole world vacation. The party can’t be a just good party. The party has to be the best on the planet.

Know and understand this; everyday cannot be the magic kingdom. Even if your life was Disneyland everyday it would get a little boring.

Slow down, smell the roses and take life a little easier.

Simple pleasures are the ones that really count in the long run.  


  1. Prioritize positivity.

Organize your life around positive experiences.

Daily tasks can be mundane and boring.

The trick to making it through the day and the week is to set aside time that will be a positive experience for you.

A time that you will look forward to and plan for.

Knowing that some positive thing will happen in your day will make the humdrum bearable.

Need some examples? 

  • A quiet coffee break during the day.
  • Time to exercise.
  • A few moments of mediation or prayer.
  • Time to read a good novel. Even a bad novel works sometimes.
  • Cuddling time with your spouse.
  • A walk in the park.

The point of all of this is to set aside and look forward to positive stuff in your life.

You don’t think you have positive time in your life?

Then make some. Do it on purpose.


  1. Walk happy.

I know this sounds a little silly but try this.

The next time you are walking down the street or the hallway “skip”. Yes, skip like you did when you were young.

Try it and see how you feel.

I know you will probably feel silly but you will feel a little bit different and maybe even happier.

Don’t want to skip? Then just walk happy. Smile, walk standing straight and pick up your feet and walk happy.

The style of walking happily can force happiness.


  1. Act like an extrovert.

Ok I know you are not and don’t want to be one of those people, you know the pushy ones. Extroverts are the people who are always in your face and are making all the noise.

The point is not to be one of those people but to act like them.

Be a little flamboyant. Be a little bit loud.

It really can be fun and can make you happy.


  1. Mindful dish-washing.

There is a Buddhist saying “When you do the dishes do the dishes”.

The point is to make the simple, sometimes mundane activities in your life into meditative, sensual and meaningful moments.

When you wash the dishes or mow the lawn or weed the garden make that time into an experience. Feel the texture of the soap, the warmth of the water and the squeaky sound of the clean dish.

Experience the moment for all it has to give.

Too many times we rush through our daily activities without experiencing any of the sensual pleasures that they can provide.

We numb ourselves to a world that has much to give if we only become aware of the sights, sounds and feelings they provide.

Be mindful when you do the dishes.

  1. Seek out the feeling of awe.

There is a great, big wonderful world out there.

Find moments of awe in your world. The sunset and sunrise, the smile on a child’s face, the noise of the rain on your roof all can provide moments of awe.

Just taking in those moments of wonder can increase your happiness.

The key is always to be open to those awe times.

We so often rush through life without a second glances at the amazing world we live in.

The awe is out there if you take the time to see, hear and feel it.

Happiness can become a habit if you let it.

Choose to be happy and you will be.

Look for happy moments.

Be a happy moment for others. Happiness is contagious, catch it.



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