Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | October 20, 2015

Autumn is wise…

autumn is wise


By now you are back into the “schedule”.

School, soccer, football, the job, all are part of the rhythm of your life now.

Sometimes the schedule can be a blessing as it gives your life a purpose and meaning.

Other times the schedule can make you crazy, as you try to keep up with all that has to be done and all that has to get done.

In the midst of all of the busyness make an effort to slow done once in a while.

This time of year is the time to ponder and think things through. So…

  • Take a drive to see the fall colors.
  • Make some soup or stew. Let it cook on the stove all day to fill the house with it’s aroma.
  • Enjoy the seasons bounty.
  • Sit down with a hot drink on a cool evening and just say Ahhh!
  • Call someone you miss. Write a note to a loved one.
  • Connect with family and friends.
  • Be a blessing to others.
  • Take some time, maybe just a moment or two for yourself.
  • Help your children to calm down and relax too.

Much of the busyness of our lives is of our own making.

Take account of what’s important this season.

Do only what really matters and do that the best you can.


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