Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | October 2, 2015

What happens if you don’t change?

Don't change


What happens if you don’t change?

I am sorry but it “Life” is all about change.

Days, years, the weather it’s all about change.

It is your responsibility, your duty to change.

You grow, you hopefully mature and yes you change. You can’t help it. Most of the time change just happens.

The biggest problem I see in counseling is that people won’t change. My clients hold on to that bad habit, those false beliefs and stubborn attitudes.

They want the world to change around them but refuse to do some little bit of changing themselves.

Are you in a bad situation, a bad relationship or you are just plain old stuck? Then you are the person who has the power to make things better or at the least more tolerable. You can change.

You can change your latitude, attitude or beatitude.

  1. Latitude: If things are intolerable where you are, move. Move to the next room, the next town or any place that is away from the problem. Understand you are not stuck. You can get away from the bad relationships and the bad environment that you are involved in. It may be a tough choice to make but the changes can be made. If you don’t have the means to move, then go somewhere where you can be safe for just a little while. Find a place where you can collect your thoughts and get some perspective. Go to a friends, a relatives, your church or the public library. Get a little distance between you and the problem, be it a person , place or thing.
  2.  Attitude: Sometimes the biggest issue we have with change is our own attitudes about changing. We get stuck with our opinions, habits and daily routines. Frankly sometimes we just get down right selfish about who we are and what we think we deserve. I hope you understand that you will never be the center of the universe. It just will never happen. You have got to learn to change with the things that are going on around you. You are no longer 10 years old or 18 years old. So grow up and act your age. Change yourself. Don’t expect everyone else to change.
  3. Beatitude:  There will be times and situations that cannot and will not change. You will have to learn to accept this lack of change and put up with it. Check out the sermon on the mount in the Gospel of Matthew. Your’e blessed when you put up with things that aren’t the way we would like them to be. It takes real courage to endure and still keep your dignity and honor.  But just because it doesn’t change or they doesn’t change doesn’t mean you can’t be the change in others lives. Change, be the change.

Change today.


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