Posted by: frankjwalker | September 27, 2015

What I learned in Elementary School.

school days

I did some classroom observations a few weeks ago.

This communication reminder was on the wall.

If the kids at school can do this how much more should we do as adults when we communicate with one another.


The 4 L’s

  • Look in your partners eyes
  • Lean toward your partner
  • Lower your voice
  • Listen attentively

 This communication thing is really elementary. Try these classroom tried techniques the next time you have to talk to your spouse or just about anybody.



  1. Wait bro you forgot to add: slap, kick, hit and tattle on your partner! Just a typical day in Kindergarten. Have a great Easter.

  2. Now I’m like, well duh! Truly thaukfnl for your help.

Thank you

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