Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | September 20, 2015

The choices you make…



the choices..



  • It’s all about the choices you make.

Even if you don’t chose you are making a choice.

Take control of your life by thinking things through and making the most intelligent choice you can in all situations.

Yes, you’re smart. So use your smarts and make good choices for you and those close to you.

  • You have more control over things than you know.

You have control over what you see, hear and how you act.

That extra helping of dessert, that hour wasted when you should have gone to bed, that thing you said  and shouldn’t said  are all under your control.

You can blame things on your family, your genes or your geography. But you have far more control than you think you do.

  • Your choices make you.

Make the right choices.

Make the right choices today.

  • I mean it right now.


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