Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | August 16, 2015

You stopped…

you are not stuck


The frog in the milk.

There is a proverb about a frog that falls into a pail of fresh milk.

A frog stuck like this would soon die.

But not this frog. He wouldn’t give up.

He kicked and swam and kicked and swam until the frog churned the milk into solid butter.

The frog that was stuck was able to walk out of the milk pail.

I know I am not a good story teller. But get the idea. So…

What’s got you stuck? 

What problem seems too big for you? What pail of milk have you fallen into?

There is no mountain high enough or no valley to wide. That sounds like a song.

You can get out of the pail you’re stuck in. You really can.


  1. Search for answers. Study, research find solutions.
  2. Ask for help. Never be to big to humble yourself and ask for help.
  3. Step back from the problem and get a better perspective. That old forest for the trees is sometimes true when it comes to getting a true view of a problem. ( another proverb)
  4. Take a deep breath and calm down. Don’t be so calm that you fall asleep. But don’t run around like Chicken Little, yelling about the sky falling. ( another proverb)
  5. Go under instead of over. You can go around it too. There is always another way.
  6. Don’t give up.
  7. Be the frog. Keep swimming.


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