Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | August 9, 2015

Stop Doing Things That Don’t Matter


Stop doing what doesn’t matter. It’s so easy and so, so hard.

  • You know what matters.

You really know what matters. Want a list? Family, friends, faith, health, spouse (if your married), kids if you have them. Maybe there is more on your list of what matters but that’s a start.

  • The problem is…

The problem here is that we fill our lives up with stuff that isn’t really important. Stuff that really doesn’t matter.

  • Unimportant stuff aside…

So push the unimportant stuff aside. Get rid of it if you have to. Concentrate on what’s important and only those things.

  • There is a lot of time.

There really is a lot of time for the important stuff in your life, if you make the time for the important stuff.

  • Make the time , take the time for what is important.

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