Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | July 2, 2015

Letting Go…#3

letting go7

Letting go means getting rid of thoughts and notions that have little value or hold little truth.

Along with the physical junk we keep and don’t get rid of there is a lot of mental and spiritual junk we keep in our hearts and minds.

Our thoughts become cluttered with the trash we collected growing up.

Things that people told us, words that stuck to us, attitudes and feelings that people had toward us. All that stuff the good, the bad and the ugly stays with us and clutters our thoughts and perceptions of the world and who we are in it.

A lot of the junk has even been laid on us by the people who we thought loved us the most.

Some of the stuff we dumped on ourselves.

Then add to all of this is the stuff we carry around simply because of the biology, heredity and genes we were made up of.

These are all really hard things to deal with.

If these burdens are too hard to handle get help.

Talk to someone, your pastor, priest or a professional.

Don’t take this on by yourself.

Here are some simple things that might help.


  • Time helps. Give yourself some time.
  • Do your homework. Nobody knows you better than yourself. Find out who you really are and become that person. Don’t like what you are? Then change. Study, learn, try something new, be something new and choose to be different.
  • Get away from the negative. Surround yourself with the positive. People, places and things can bring you down. Don’t let them. Get away from them.
  • You have a choice you really do. Make the choices that help you to grow.


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