Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | June 25, 2015

Letting Go… #2

letting go8



Letting go means to get rid of those things that need to be dusted and cared for, yet don’t give anything back in return.

Face it someday will never come.


  • Someday I will need that.
  • Someday I will fit into that.
  • Someday it will come back in style.
  • Someday I’ll get around to reading that.
  • Someday I may need those.


We all have good intentions to use and reuse items that in truth we never really get back to.

How many times to we look at an item at the bottom of the drawer and say “I forgot I had that”.

  • We save so much stuff for rainy days that never come.

Our closets and drawers are filled with things we will never wear. Our garages and storage spaces are over-loaded with stuff we rarely or never use.

  • We even forget we have stuff and go out and buy more stuff.

Clean it out, give it away and free yourself from the burden of storing and cleaning and maintaining stuff you no longer need.

Decide what is are your basic necessities and keep only those basics. If you use stuff on a daily basis then keep it.



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  1. What if you have the opposite problem and toss things that may be vital? Like my wife’s purses in the closet? OUCH! Side note, looks as though the swing will be fully refurbished! (Scranton Swing)

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