Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | May 6, 2015

Color Outside the Lines…

outside the lines



To tell you the truth I don’t like coloring books at all. Coloring books are all about coloring someone else’s art work.

If you want to get your kids a gift. Get them a stack of plain white paper, some pencils and crayons. Let them color, draw and invent their own coloring book.

But the quote above is about something bigger.

To many times we are forced by life or circumstances to stay within the constraints that someone else has ordained.

We have to follow rules, traditions and protocols. We don’t want chaos out there.

Because of that you “gotta do what you gotta do”.

But sometimes you have to color outside the lines.

It may be as simple as pushing fashion extremes and wearing polka dots with plaids. It may mean driving another way to work or going to a different place for lunch.

So color outside the lines every once in a while.

  • Watch a different channel.
  • Listen to new music. Even a different cultures music.
  • Eat a new kind of food.
  • Wear a new color.
  • Paint your nails in a new shade.
  • Learn to dance.
  • Try a new game.
  • Read a different genre of book.
  • Buy some crayons and paper and be a kid again.


Be different be you.


Frank J Walker LMFT


1617 Main Street

Cambria, Ca. 93428





Frank J Walker LMFT

1617 Main Street

Cambria, Ca. 93428


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  1. I see too many crayons! Chewed ones too!

    • Wax is good for your diet

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