Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | May 1, 2015

… You’d be organized…

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Whose in charge of your life, you or your stuff?

You may think you are.

But how much time, energy and money do you spend on maintaining and caring for your stuff?

We want all the latest gadgets, gizmos and gewgaws. Guess what they want, you.

The more stuff you have the more it controls your life.

You have to clean it, store it and care for it. The more you have the more time the stuff demands.

Less stuff less worry.

Less stuff more time for things that don’t involve stuff.

Like friendships, fellowships and relationships.  And all other kinds of …ships.

Want help with all the ships? Call or write @

Frank J Walker LMFT

1617 Main Street

Cambria, Ca. 93428


Frank’s books are available @

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