Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | March 31, 2015

It’s All Work. Sometimes Hard Work.



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  • Let’s not fool ourselves, everything we do is work.

Just sitting reading is work. Why?

Because in everything we do we have to expend energy. Energy is what we are alive for. We fuel ourselves with food so that we can do the work we need to survive. Just simple things like your heart beating and you’re lungs breathing are our bodies doing their work.

  • That’s what life is about doing our work.

Some work is harder than other work, but it is all still just work.


You have a vacation coming up. Vacations are supposed to be fun, relaxing. But you have to expend energy sometimes a lot of energy just to vacate. You have to pack the car, make reservations, and put up with traffic and the kids fighting in the back seat. All this is done in the name of vacation fun.

You are more tired from the time off than when you worked 40 hours at your job. But wasn’t it worth it?

  • Sure it was.

You made memories, built bonds and now have to clean all the laundry from your time away. Face it, everything is work.


  • So what’s the point?

We need to change our attitude about work and life. We need to develop an attitude that we were put on earth, by God, for a purpose. That purpose is to do the work that God has set for us. A big part of that God purpose is to keep moving, keep changing and keep seeking the will that God has designed for each of us, unique individuals that he has created.

  • In others words, keep working.


Somewhere, somehow we came up with this vague idea that someday we will not have to work anymore. Somebody will do all that work for us. Somehow we won’t have to do anything.  A robot or servant or something is just going to take care of our every need. Yes, we have new gadgets that make things a little easier but we still have to put in the effort, the energy and the work to keep our lives going.


  • Sorry folks, there is only one place where there is no work and that’s death.

There is a lot of work to be done before you get there.



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