Posted by: frankjwalker | March 30, 2015

It Seems to Take the Longest…

It seems..



“It seems to take us the longest to arrive at what is nearest.”

John O’Donohue


The longest journey you will make in your life is the discovery of who you are.

It takes a lifetime to make this short journey to self.

Self awareness and understanding should be the goal of every human and yet so few are willing to set out on the road of finding themselves.

  • Too many times we are told by others who or what we should be.
  • To many times the pressures of the world force us to compromise what we might become.
  • For many we would rather not make the sacrifice to be what we are meant to be.
  • For some circumstances and timing cause us to make detours in finding our true self.

But understand that self discovery is a life time challenge and it is never too late to find the true value that you are.

You are the journey of your life time. Make the journey that that is so near yet so far away.


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