Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | March 20, 2015

The First day Of Spring, so what!



  • OK, so you’re not so excited that it’s the first day of spring.

Where you are the snow may still be on the ground and things don’t look any different.

So maybe you need to put some effort into changing your gloomy attitude?

  • The weather will warm up.
  • The flowers will bloom.
  • The earth will be reborn.

All despite your crummy outlook.

  • So go with the flow of spring.

Open your windows, take a breath of that spring air, clean the cobwebs up from your winter dull drums. get out some bright colors for your wardrobe and home. Embrace the season in all it’s colors.

  • This is all part of God’s plan for the earth and for even you.

You are part of the celestial clock that God has set in motion. be part of the glory God has put in the seasons and grow with the new day He has provided.

Or you get back in bed and cover your head. Your choice.

  • Happy first day of spring anyway.


  • Having trouble finding joy in your life?

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  1. I tried to go under the covers but 23 Kinder kids grabbed the blanket and yelled, “It’s the first day of Spring!” Now I am wishing for summer!

    • 23 kinder kids your first mistake

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