Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | February 28, 2015

Unless you are prepared to give up…


Therapy is all about change.

You have to give up and change beliefs, attitudes, prejudices, and thoughts  in order to obtain peace and calm in your life.

We have held some of those thoughts and beliefs near and dear to us since childhood.

We have come identify ourselves with notions that people have put in our heads. Many times they were never the truth and may have even hurt us.

The beliefs we have come to accept about ourselves have stopped us from being who we really can and should be.

We have come to value what we have been told and hold on to the negative things we have been told.

  • So we don’t speak up.
  • We don’t stand up.
  • We don’t share.
  • We don’t volunteer.
  • We don’t try.

Give up the stuff you have been told that you can’t do or say or be.

Make the change that frees you from the negative and opens you up to the positive.

Make the change for a better you.

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