Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | February 27, 2015

Hate Evil, Love Good

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Excerpt from my book

Love, A 40 day Biblical Approach to Love

Hate evil, love good…

Amos 15:15

  • Admit it; we are fascinated by bad guys.

Villains, mobsters, monsters, and thugs have been the rage for decades. James Cagney, Bella Lugosi, James Dean, Marlon Brando, Al Pacino have all played bad guy characters that we have come to adore and emulate. Evil has been a foundation of man’s admiration for centuries.

  • But what happened to the love of good?

You know the guys in the white hats, the good guys? The men and women, who get good grades, love their moms, pay their taxes, and volunteer to help people. You know those good people?

But just mentioning the nice stuff, the “good things” often brings a yawn from most people. No, we want to hear the juicy details, the toxic stories, and the bad stuff. Good is boring; evil is alluring, tantalizing and fun.

  • What is wrong with this picture?

When our car breaks down we really don’t want a chain saw murderer to stop to help. When we go to sleep, we don’t want evil monsters to haunt our dreams. But we will pay $10 or more to watch those same evil things on the big screen.

  • This world is good; God made it that way, love what God made.

Over and over in the book of Genesis God says about His creation, “It is good”.

Man, with the help of Satan, is responsible for all the bad that has ever occurred.

  • Who are we going to follow, man or God, good or evil?

You decide and live accordingly.


  1. Who is your favorite bad guy? Why?
  2. Do you have a favorite good guy? Why?
  3. What are the differences between your favorite good and bad guys?
  4. Your good guy against your bad guy, who would win? Why?
  5. What is good in your life today? Celebrate those good things. If you don’t have many good things happening in your life make some today.


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