Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | February 17, 2015

3 Simple Things You Should Do as a Parent



3 Simple Things you should do as a Parent.


Here is some simple advice you should use with your children. Do these as much as you can.


  1. Read

Read to your children as much as possible.

Read to the kids anytime day or night. Of course it’s traditional to read your kids a goodnight story but don’t stop there.

Read the daily comics, the weather report, the sports page, the menu at the restaurant or whatever you have on hand. The point is to read to your kids. Reading is an important habit to nurture in your children.

There is a great big world out there between the pages of a book. They will develop their imagination, vocabulary and verbal ability through the habit of reading.

You need to be a reader yourself to develop the reading habit in your kids. So read.

  1. Sing

Sing to your kids and with your kids.

You’re not on American Idol and you won’t get thrown off the show, so sing to your heart’s content.

Sing your old school songs, nursery rhymes and the top 40 hits but sing to and with the kiddos. Turn up the radio and dance around with the little ones, even the big ones. Make music a part of your families lives.

It promotes closeness, builds vocabulary, singing soothes the spirit and it is just plain fun.

  1. Play

Play with your children.

Throw a ball around. Get out the old board games. Play simple card games. Get involved with your kids.

Playing teaches cooperation, coordination, communication and a whole bunch of other things that contribute to your kids learning to get along.

You have to have fun with your kids and your involvement with them in games teaches them a lot about what it means to interact as a family and as a community.

  1. For extra credit. Laugh

We live in a sometimes scary world.

Teaching your kids to laugh and have fun helps to push back that crazy world out there. Yes, humor does have to be taught. You need to demonstrate what’s funny and what’s appropriate. Laugh at yourself and the funny stuff that happens in your family life.


Read, sing, play and have a good belly laugh with your little one.



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