Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | January 23, 2015

We Want The Want…

we want the want


We want the want.


Seth Godin 10-14

  • We want what we want.

I puzzled over Seth Godin’s statement, then I began to understand.

Advertisers know about our wants. They play a good game catering to the want in all of us.

The problem with want is it has nothing to do with need or any real relevance in our lives.

  • We want the want.

We somehow believe that, that thing whatever it is a new car, hairstyle, vacation or food will fulfill us. In fact the desire for that thing far outweighs even having the want in our possession.

We know that the object of our desire will never really do all we believe it will do. We know that the new car will become a used car in a day or two. We know that that desired food will never really solve the hunger we have.

  • We will always want something else.

We want something new, something that will fill the want we all have.

The “If I just had” or “If I just could”, far outweighs the desired outcome.

  • There will always be another want.

The fantasy that “The want” provides, fills our dreams, clouds our reality and causes anxiety and ultimately depression. That depression can cause death. Depression can cause a death in our spirit and death to our very lives. The want can control us to the point that we cannot live.

  • So many people spend their lives wanting to have, wanting to be or wanting to do things that really will never fulfill their lives.

Instead of being who we are, we want something else, something more. We only come to find that “The want” entices us to never be satisfied, to always want.

So what is the answer to “The want”?  How can we overcome this desire?

  1. By really knowing who we are. Understanding our talents, gifts and limitations.
  2. By using our gifts and talents to the fullest. By pushing ourselves to our limits. To use ourselves up, never holding back.
  3. By using what we have, talents, gifts, and abundance for the betterment of family, friends and community.
  4. By understanding that wants beyond our means and needs are false. Face those false desires and recognize them for what they are.
  5. Put aside envy and jealousy.
  6. Support others in their gifts and talents. Nurture others as they develop their gifts.
  7. Don’t buy into the world that wants you to feel inadequate and temps you to want.
  8. Know how and when to say “No”.
  • Be who you were meant to be.

Discover yourself.

  • Want nothing more than to be that person you were created to be.

Want nothing else.



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