Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | January 20, 2015

50% of All Marriages Last Forever…

50% of Marriages..

Fifty Percent of  All Marriages Last Forever.


So I want to be the half full person in this marriage numbers game.

Yes, half of American marriages or maybe more are failing.

But understand there are a lot of marriages out there that are successful and fulfilling.

  • Half of all marriages last for a life time.

Great people are staying married and growing old together.

If you want to get married the odds are in your favor.

  •  Marriage is a good bet.

Here’s the key to the whole matter. If you are married or want to marry the 50/50 chance for success is all up to you.

  • It’s your choice to stay married and go for the long haul.

Marriages fail for a lot of reasons but number one is that couples who divorce make that choice. You don’t have to give up and give in.

There is help out there for you and your marriage.

  • Be one of the 50%. Make your marriage last a lifetime.


  • Need help with your marriage problems?

Call or write @

Frank J Walker LMFT

1617 Main Street

Cambria, Ca. 93428


Thank you

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