Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | November 23, 2014

Change: Going a Bit Deeper





Going a Bit Deeper



I wrote in a recent blog about the changes that my family and the new parents in my family have had to make to welcome a new child into their midst. I discussed the need to change and the inevitability of change. Children cause parents to change rather quickly. Just ask any new parent that has had to adjust to a baby’s sleep schedule.

I want to talk about change on a deeper level here.


  • We are always changing.


We must understand that we are always changing. Many people hold on to the idea of the “good old days” or a nostalgic desire for something that occurred in the past. “If things were like they were when we were kids” they say.  They pine for the time when things seemed different than the current circumstances that they are dealing with.


I understand this feeling and I listen to an oldies radio station and remember how things were back in the day. But I’m sorry things are and have changed the Beatles that are left are really old guys now.


But when push comes to shove, we really know deep down that that past can never happen again and things will always change. Things are different now and will be different as we move along.


  • Embrace Change.


So my call is to change and embrace the change. Understand that things do change and will change. We need be open and ready for those changes. Frankly it’s happening without you anyway. Your getting older, the years are going by things are changing. Please understand that is the way it is and that is the way it should be.


  • Things are changing like it or not.


Now I understand that some changes are good and some are not so good. But that is the dilemma and the paradox when it comes to change.  Things are changing like it or not. So understand that change is inevitable and go with it.


People complain about those young folks and their cell phones and gadgets. But when you are in trouble it’s nice to have one of those little devices to call for help. A cell phone can be a real life saver. I’m sorry but it’s been a long time since I have seen a phone both with a phone that works.


  • Yes I get frustrated…


Yes, I get frustrated sometimes too, everyone with their head down looking at their handheld electronic things. But understand we are raising a whole generation of kids that are becoming experts at this digital world. Good and positive things are happening using these devices.


The world is changing for the better because of ease these devices are providing. Nobody wants to go back to the rotary dial phones, the typewriters and carbon paper (Remember carbon copies?).


  • So you can and should embrace change.


Understand that we worship a dynamic God. Our God is alive and active and is all about change. He calls us to change, to be renewed, and to move into an ever increasing closeness to Him. The world is changing; God’s world is changing, so embrace that change. Maybe even become part of the positive change that God is calling all of us to.




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