Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | November 20, 2014

Parenting Priorities for a Successful Family 4




Priorities for a Successful Family

These are some of the priorities that I feel every family needs to survive as fully functioning units. You can get along without them but to be a true family you need to have these.



Priority Number 4



  • Your Family is a corporation.

Your family is a corporation. The word comes from the Latin root “body”, just like the word communion. You, as a family, are a corporation and the employees. The family members in the household run the company. Each has a part in the family with duties and responsibilities that help the corporation run smoothly. We all have an obligation to the family group. These responsibilities also include the family, the extended family, the church and the community.

Each child has a responsibility in maintaining the family through chores and the upkeep of the home. This work should not be paid, as in giving an allowance. Extra duties around the house might have monetary value or allowance. There never should be questions like “what is in it for me?” or “how much are you going to give me?” All of us have jobs to do that just need to be done.

  • Each of us has a Duty…

Each of us has a duty to our extended family including helping and supporting family members outside the immediate family like Grandma and Grandpa.

All family members are responsible for the reputation of the family in the community. We each represent the corporation in the community we live in. Our attitudes in public reflect the family we came from. This includes schoolwork, outside jobs and any public contacts.

Each of us must show pride in where we come from and that pride shows in our respect for family, our home and the work that needs to be done to maintain it.



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