Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | October 24, 2014

What I Learned from My Grandchild Today.

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What I learned from my Grandson Today

I take care of my grandson on Tuesdays. He has brought much joy to my life and has helped me develop a new view of the world around me.

This 62 year old man and my six month old buddy are discovering the world in a whole new way by looking through his eyes.

This is what I’ve learned:

  1. The world is awesome :

The ceiling fan in the living room is remarkable. It spins around and around and never stops. It’s even amazing when it’s turned off too.

The neighbor’s sprinklers are something to see.

The Pat the Bunny book is the best and even tastes good.

Wait till you hear the birds in the tree next door, fantastic.


  1. Everything is new again:

When you drop something and pick it up again it’s brand new.

A plastic bucket has an outside and an inside. You can turn the bucket upside down you can put it on your head. You can put stuff in the bucket and take stuff out of it.

When you wake up from a nap you can start all over again.

The point is seeing like a little one sees reminds us how wonderful this world really is. We can experience old stuff and new stuff in new ways if we just let ourselves. The world is wonderful if you let yourself in on the wonder of it all.

That ride you are going to take in the car is the only time you will ride in that car, on this day, at this time ever again. So enjoy the experience of the ride, take in the views and feel the sensations that riding in a car brings to you. This life you are living can be a joy. Just let it be a joy.  Even the mundane stuff can be real pleasures.

Like my grandson really listen to the world around you. Feel the wind on your face. Really taste the food you are eating.

Take the time to let your life be awesome again. Make everything be new again. Learn from a child and see like a child again.


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  1. so cute and inspiring. alas, a baby never has to plan yet another dinner! how can i make pasta new again?? lol

    • What you are talking about is an adult vs a child. I guess we are called to be like a child. Didn’t Jesus say something about that?
      Thanks for the comment. Send this post to someone else.

      • I’m just kidding. I only wish I could be as carefree as a child, although I do enjoy life. When dinnertime arrives though, no one will make allowances for any regression I may want to make. 🙂

      • I know just being preachy.

  2. awesome stuff!

    • Thank you. Send it out. Spread the word.

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