Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | October 15, 2014

The Tech Toll

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Technology takes its Toll

The internet is taking a toll on relationships and how we perceive reality. Are Facebook friends more interesting than your real ones?

In the high speed internet world do you find yourself losing patience?

Technology is reshaping the way we think, causing us to be more impatient, forgetful and impulsive.

More and more of life is becoming like Twitter and texting. Short little bursts of verbiage with very little thought behind what we are saying. We are sacrificing true communication with instant connection.


We are addicted to our devices. Look around the restaurant the next time you go. Notice the number of people that have cell phone in their hands as they eat. We can’t even eat without the tech. connection.


The typical concern is that technology is robbing us of time from family and friends. However, there are even greater problems when the internet and cell phones become an addiction that is just as addictive as any drug. Online gambling, porn, and online shopping are just the tip of the iceberg of internet addictions.


Technology is hurting us cognitively as well. The amount of data that can be stored leaves us with unlimited amounts of many times useless information. Digital cameras can take hundreds of pictures that can be saved yet overwhelm the truly memorable pictures that we need for recall of an event.


What should we do? Of course balance is the best remedy. Limit your time with the technology. Just because it is instant doesn’t mean you have to respond instantly.


Turn the computer off and leave the cell phone at home. There is a wonderful world out there that is in need of your connection.


Frank Walker LMFT


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  1. good stuff…sounds like the opposite of your reaction to mary Jo at Bible study!

    • I go back and forth on the subject. This article was in the back stage not the forth stage.

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