Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | October 11, 2014

Parenting: Dads are not Babysitters



Dads are not Babysitters

I am taking care of my five month old grandson one day a week so his mom can work. I enjoy doing this and I love the bonding that has occurred between the two of us.

I do the whole thing change diapers, feed the little guy and rock him to sleep. It’s no big deal because I am glad to be able to help.

  • So I have encountered this prejudice…

So I have encountered this prejudice that I also saw when I was taking care of my own children. People think that dads and granddads babysit. They say stuff like “Oh I see you’re babysitting” or “I didn’t know you babysat?” I don’t babysit my grandchild I take care of him just like his mom and dad do.

  • Let’s get this straight a babysitter is a person you hire to take care of your kids.

It could be some competent teen from down the block or a pro that is licensed to care for your kids while at work or are away.

  • Dads are the kid’s parent too…

Dads are the kid’s parent too and being a parent means caring for the kids. Dads take care of the kids and Moms take care of the kids.

Now I realize that some dads do the child care better than others. Many dads could do a better job and learn to be better job of childcare. But dads are never hired to care for the kids therefore they are not babysitters. Dads do what moms do; they take care of their children. Moms don’t babysit and we would never think to say that when they care for their children.

Let’s get beyond the prejudice of thinking that somehow dads are incapable of childcare and can only babysit, when the professional “mom” is away. There are too many stay at home dads and dads that parent just as well as moms to have this old view of parenting.

  • Dads are not babysitters.



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