Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | September 28, 2014

How Did I get Here?

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How I got started


So why would a guy with all these years of teaching get into this therapy counseling stuff? Good question.

Here is I hope a short answer to the question.

  • I was teaching high school…

About ten years ago I was teaching high school. I was having a really rough time with a couple of students in my first period class. These students were out of control. Starting the day with craziness didn’t make for a good day.

Those students were such hassles that I even had kids ask me to do something with them. I did everything a teacher could do. I referred them, talked to the school counseling staff, called parents and even had a SST intervention (Student Study Team). Nothing seemed to help with these students behaviors. Eventually the problem went away. One problem went to juvenile hall the other problem ended up in community day school.

  • I needed answers…

The students leaving didn’t calm my thoughts on what to do if this type of thing happened again. I thought at best I needed to take some psychology classes to gain a deeper understanding of what was going on in the lives of problem students. I needed some answers and I thought further education was the answer. I figured martial arts classes really wouldn’t help.

  • …more skills and knowledge…

Please understand I am a good teacher. I was even selected as teacher of the year by the school district. I have dealt with disruptive kids in the past. These problem students opened up an interest for me to get more skills and knowledge.

I looked for psychology classes and new program at the University of Phoenix in Fresno caught my eye and I decided to get a master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy.

  • Well the rest is history.

I discovered that in dealing with a child’s behavior problem, you need to deal with the whole system, i.e. the child, their parents and the extended family. Problems don’t occur within a vacuum. All of our attitudes and coping skills are a result of the system we were brought up in.

  • …I found a key…

So I found a key for dealing with childhood behavior issues was dealing with the parents in their dysfunctional marriages, dysfunctional family systems and with the baggage that is handed down to their children.

So now here I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Please understand I loved teaching for those 30 years.  I am highly respectful of the teaching profession.

  • …I’m ready…

But now after 30 years in the classroom I am ready to tackle new challenges with people in need of the specialized help therapy provides.



Frank Walker LMFT


Cambria, Ca.



Do you have questions? Contact me through this site or email me at the address below.




Thank you

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